I am an avid personal finance blogger and what I also like to call an all-around money and investing junkie. The Personal Finance Library is what I hope will be your first choice to learn about personal finance, money, and investing books (both new and old). Every week, I will highlight and review a new book as well as give you a glimpse into all of the new books that will be hitting the bookshelves in the coming weeks. Together, I hope that we can discover and learn about new books, investing ideas, money tips, and other advice through these books.

Why should you listen to me?

Because I’m opinionated, experienced, and read a lot of money books. I’ll do all the hard work for you and spare you from all the crappy get rich quick books while steering you towards to the classics. I have a Bachelor’s Degree in Business Administration and separate Master’s Degrees in Corporate Finance and in Transportation and Logistics. Despite formal education, I am not a certified financial planner or professional. So, you should definitely consult the professionals before you make any major money or life decisions.

100% Fair & Impartial

You have my word that each and every review will be fair and impartial. While I may receive a free book from time to time, I never promise to give a book or product a positive review unless it truly deserves it. When I say that you should put a book on your nightstand and reference it every month, you can be sure that’s because it is a truly outstanding book. But, you can also expect me to call a spade a spade when the dogs and “get rich quick” scheme books come our way as well.

Hank Coleman Around The Web

I am the founder of Own The Dollar and also writes about military money topics at Military Money Might. I have also been a regular, contributing writer to sites such as GoBankingRates.com, FiLife, and Money Crashers. You can see my guest posts on such popular blogs as Cash Money Life, Dough Roller, and Budgets Are Sexy as well as being featured several times on Consumer Report’s blog, The Consumerist.

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Hank is the founder of The Personal Finance Library and several other money and investing websites. He is a writer, entrepreneur, and professional in the government sector. He also writes about investing and money topics at Money Q&A.

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