Barnes & Noble’s Nook eReader Review

by Hank Coleman

Barnes & Noble Nook eReader ReviewMy wife and I finally broke down and bought an eReader this past week. We bought the Barnes & Noble’s Nook because of its many great features and new low price. The Nook would make a great gift as people search for the best presents as this holiday season draws closer. Most people have heard of the Kindle, but you may not be as knowledgeable about the Barnes & Noble eReader unless you go into the brick and mortar stores to hear the company’s strong sales pitch. There are several positive and a few negative aspects of the new eReader. This review should help you decide if it would be a great gift for your or a loved one this holiday season.

The Great Features Of Barnes & Noble’s Nook

Barnes & Noble’s Nook eReader can store up to 1,500 Newspapers, eBooks, and Magazines on 2GB’s of internal storage. If you really run out of hard drive space on the unit, you can even add a Micro SD card to increase your capacity. Barnes and Noble’s has a Lifetime Library that has a library of eBook’s available only through them, and you can carry it with you anywhere you go. You can also share your library of books on your Nook with other Nook users.
To use the Nook eReader, you have to have either Wi-Fi or 3G wireless when downloading books to the unit. After downloading the book, you can store and read it anywhere at any time you choose. The screen has no backlight or glare. There are six different font sizes to choose from so you can be able to read at the print level you are comfortable with. There currently are one million titles of books, magazines, and newspapers to choose from.
One of the best aspects of the Nook is the price point, and this is one of the big reasons that my wife finally broke down and bought one. The Wi-Fi version costs only $149 and the 3G and Wi-Fi version costs $199. Another great aspect is that while you are in any Barnes & Noble bookstore, you can download any book for free to preview.

Some Of The Negative Aspects Of The Nook

There are some issues with the Nook being a little slow. The Nook’s performance has been significantly improved with several firmware upgrades, but the device could still be a little faster. It does not come with a protective carrying case, and users like my wife can spend a lot of money on a case especially if it is from a designer like Kate Spade. But, overall, the Barnes & Noble Nook is a great eBook reader and gadget. I also thought that eBooks would be a lot less expensive than their hardback counterparts, but I was very surprised at just how expensive electronic books can be. I personally hate spending over $15 for the best titles of books only to be able to read them on a eReader like the Nook.

US News & World Report called the Nook one of the 10 Best Gadgets for Baby Boomers. In deciding if this is a great gift for Christmas, just consider the internet connection the person has and how much they read. If a person is an avid reader and eats books for dinner, then this is a must have gadget to keep a person going with up-to-date books, newspapers, and magazines all the time at their fingertips.

The Piggy Bank Rating – This gadget while not a book in and of itself is still a solid four piggy banks out of five. You should definitely grab this gadget if you are and advid book reader. It is definitely a great gift that you should consider giving to a loved one this holiday season! Be sure to check out the complete guide to the website’s piggy bank rating scale.

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